Dharma Bee NZ

Dharma literally means righteousness or duty. It is not a synonym of religion as is typically assumed. DharmaBee inspires its name from Honeybees who produce honey by their organised and hard work which is good for the mankind. DhramaBee project aims to work towards a harmonious society by arousing Dharma in an organised and disciplined way. Its activity may include organising events, discussions, debates, and competitions around issues that are relevant to Hindus in particular, and larger society in general.

DharmaBee Project is organising DharmaBee Contest during January – March 2024. Registration required.Register here.

>Discover Your Hindu Heritage.

  • arrow_forward Fun-play-learn-communicate-interact-socialise .
    arrow_forward Participants: Anyone from school Year 4 to Year 13 keen to discover Hindu Heritage .
    arrow_forward Duration : 10 -12 weeks programme running from early January to March 2024 .
    arrow_forward Creative, reflective and competitive activities .
    arrow_forwardThe participation process to be explained at orientation session .
    arrow_forward 40 minutes weekly engaging sessions .
    arrow_forward May join Shakha games which may happen after or before each session . <
    arrow_forwardTo be run at 15-20 DBNZ Centres / HSS Shakhas across NZ .
    arrow_forward Parental support is a pre-requisite to success of this programme .
    arrow_forward Need to attend orientation zoom sessions before start of the programme .
    arrow_forward Run by volunteers , feel free to contact if you would like to involve in any way .